It brought us closer together and opened up conversations that may never have happened.

A wedding lasts a day
A marriage is for life
Get ready for the journey

So much time, money and effort goes into planning a wedding day, but relatively little goes into considering the really important stuff – the marriage journey ahead.

It makes much more sense to go into marriage with your eyes open. Our marriage preparation programme, using the specially designed FOCCUS questionnaire, can improve your chances of a happy future together.

What topics are covered?

You’ll explore, as a couple, topics vital for building a strong, fulfilling and lasting marriage, including:

  • How you talk and listen to one another
  • How you manage conflict
  • How you make financial decisions
  • The influence of your family of origin

and much more….

What’s involved?

You and your partner complete the online FOCCUS questionnaire individually at home. Your unique relationship profile is generated and interpreted by your dedicated Marriage Care relationship specialist.

The results are then discussed with you in a series of confidential face-to-face consultations (about one to one and a half hours each). You will get a picture of how your particular relationship works – its strengths, as well as potential issues.

“It brought us closer together, made us more aware of each other’s feelings and needs, and opened up conversations that may never have happened.”      FOCCUS client

Watch the video to find out more

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We charge a fee for the FOCCUS programme so that we can continue to run our services. The appointments service will give you further information.