Our volunteer counsellors have helped many people in their journey towards a better relationship. Some of them have shared part of their story with us.

“We have definitely improved. We take time to do some of the things that the counsellor told us to do and we try to do some very basic things daily – we look at each other, we listen to each other. Some of the very simple tools [the counsellor] gave us are very effective. It’s a choice that we make to engage with each other.”

– Franklin, Barnet

“It took some time for us to realise what was really going on in our relationship. We both gained insights into our behaviour and why we behave as we do. It was important to keep going as we needed to recognise the problem and find a way to manage it. We needed to hear each other’s viewpoint and this was helped by having the counsellor there to mediate and normalise the conversations. Our counsellor was very skilful in guiding us, pulling us back to the topic, helping to draw things out from us (we are both pretty self-contained). She provided a framework to understand and help resolve conflicts. By the end we both felt things had improved a lot.”

– Justin and Mary, Newcastle

“The sessions were really very insightful and enlightening. Speaking about my emotions and speaking about my past as a young man was difficult but understanding why I had to do it helped really a lot. (…) I have found my partner more understanding and I find myself more tolerant after the counselling sessions.”

– Lenny, Middlewich

“Counselling made me look at my behaviours that weren’t okay or helpful so when you see these behaviours happening, you have to stop. On a very practical level; the counsellor gave us tools to talk to each other differently. I am kinder and nicer towards my husband.”

– Jodi, London