We love spending time with couples as they prepare to get married

Marriage Preparation Facilitator Roles

Be a part of our exciting marriage preparation service and help couples prepare for the sacrament of marriage by training as a Facilitator:

Marriage Preparation Course Facilitator

Marriage Preparation Course Facilitators present and facilitate our fun and engaging ”Preparing Together” workshops for up to 12 engaged couples either in person in the same room over a full day, or online via Zoom over three shorter sessions.  These interactive, skills-oriented courses cover topics such as good communication skills, how to deal with conflict, expectations and how family background plays a part in a couples relationship. The course also explores the importance and significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and the meaning of the marriage vows.

FOCCUS Facilitator

FOCCUS Facilitators prepare couples on an individual basis using a tailored questionnaire technique to help couples explore their unique relationship. Before the session the couple undertake a questionnaire which looks at areas such as family life, faith and spirituality, how they communicate and settle differences etc. The Facilitator will then meet with the couple, usually via Zoom, and using the FOCCUS questionnaire report will help them explore their relationship, understand how it works and identify and discuss any issues that need addressing as they prepare to commit to each other in marriage.