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Sharing more than 70 years of specialist couple relationship knowledge

We have developed a range of special initiatives to raise awareness about relationship issues and share the knowledge and skills to enable people to build strong and fulfilling couple relationships.

Celebrating marriage

Marriage Care has developed materials to help Catholic churches to celebrate the joys of marriage. Use these templates below to celebrate marriage in your own parish and commemorate the love and commitment of all couples, both those who have been recently married and those who have lived a lifetime together. If you wish to celebrate marriage with an Anglican service, visit the Church of England website.

Resources for teachers

70 lesson plans to use in schools as part of the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum.  Our manual for teachers and educators (KS3, KS4 and 16+), Foundations for a Good Life, will be available as a free download here soon. In the meantime, contact if you would like us to send you the module downloads.

Resources for parents

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and difficult experiences for adults and yet we know that many are unprepared for the arrival of a child. The strain on a couple can be very great, sometimes leaving them upset and confused.

The quality of the parents’ relationship is one of the most important factors in bringing up children. We have put together a number of resources that you can download to help you maintain or enhance the quality of your relationship.

How well do you talk to each other?
See our tools for communication:

How are you managing disagreements? Check our conflict management tools:

Want to understand why you behave or react in certain ways? Look at these further tools:

If love is the answer, what is the question?

A carefully designed, thought-provoking and fun quiz for use in a range of social settings to raise awareness of how couple relationships work and what makes for relationship health.  The questions cover a number of areas important to relationships: conflict, communication and commitment; forming relationships, sexuality and well-being.  Contact your local centre if you would be interested in attending a quiz event.