Data Collection & Use Policy – Privacy Statement

Here at Marriage Care we take your privacy seriously and we are extremely careful of how we use and look after any personal information we ask for. We need personal information in order to deliver the service you have requested from us, and we also use it anonymously to continue improving our services and monitoring their quality.

While you are receiving a service from us, at times we will need to contact you and in order to do so we will ask you how you would like us to do that. Once your journey with us has come to an end, we may ask you if we can continue to keep in touch with you; in which case we will ask your permission to do so and how you would like us to remain in contact with you.

We will not usually pass any of your personal details on to a third party unless you ask us to. There is an exception for those coming to our counselling service as we do retain the right to break our confidentiality if we are concerned for your safety or the safety of others or if certain serious crimes are disclosed. The limitations of our confidentiality would be discussed with you in your first session with your counsellor.

If you have questions on Marriage Care’s Data Protection policy then please contact: