Our Partners

We are part of the Relationships Alliance. Led by Relate, Marriage Care, OnePlusOne and the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR), the Alliance exists to ensure that good quality personal and social relationships are strengthened in policy and implementation. Our vision is a future in which strong and stable couple, family, and social relationships are the basis of a thriving society. Read more here…

As a charity founded within the Catholic community we treasure our partnerships at parish, diocesan and national level. We are members of the Caritas Social Action Network and like CSAN endeavour to develop capacity for voluntary and community action.  We liaise with our colleagues in other Catholic marriage organisations, including Marriage and Engaged Encounter, Equipes Notre Dame, Retrouvaille, and Two in One Flesh.  We contributed to the development of the bishops’ Guidelines for the Preparation of Couples for Marriage and our Chief Executive, Mark Molden, is a member of the Bishops’ Committee for Marriage and Family Life.

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