We believe our services should be available to all, regardless of the ability to pay. We need your support but please remember, if you can’t support financially you could always find our more about Leaving a Legacy or Other Ways to Donate.


A staggering 1-in-5 couples across the UK are living in distressed relationships and in need of somewhere to turn for support, just like Jodi;

 “I was in desperate need of support. The issues between my husband and I had taken over my life. It had become bigger than my marriage, bigger than my family and even bigger than my children.”

We are committed to supporting individuals and couples to build healthy relationships that make for better lives, stable families and a stronger society, regardless of their ability to pay. Your gift of just £10 can help us reach more people in crisis through our donation only relationship counselling service.

We provide local, accessible counselling support as quickly as we can but we need your help to continue to do this.

“I was fearful of the way people would think of me but I needed support…my relationship could not wait a year to be helped, I was sure it wouldn’t survive.”

 There is no set fee for our counselling service and we only ever ask people to give what they can afford. 45% of people who use our relationship counselling service have a household income of less than £26,000 per year. That is why we only ask people to donate what they can afford towards each session.

“I thought about taking up private relationship counselling but the cost was too much, and this would have provided an excuse…not to go through with it.”

Your gift of just £10 can help us continue to provide relationship counselling to as many people as possible.

The relationship counselling service we offer is delivered by dedicated volunteers who are professionally trained and qualified. Their commitment is driven by a desire to provide a helping hand to relationships in crisis, knowing the difference skilled support, understanding and acceptance can make. Together, with your support, they can continue to be there for people like Jodi.

“Our counsellor really helped us to understand the underlying issues that were causing the problems in our relationship. He was kind, fair and very professional. Free from the rage and fury towards my husband, I now feel like I can say I love you, again. Marriage Care really did save my marriage.”

We have many more couples needing our support. So, please give what you can today. Your gift of just £10 can help us keep supporting couples with relationships in crisis, regardless of their ability to pay.

Thank you for helping break down barriers, so we can build bridges.”


If you are a UK tax payer, you can also Gift Aid your donation which helps Marriage Care even more.  This can be done by requesting a standing order form and gift aid declaration from info@marriagecare.org.uk.

We also welcome donations through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Click here to donate through CAF.


A huge thank you to everyone who supports our work.

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