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Disclaimer: Please note that while we think these resources could be useful, we cannot know about every aspect of the organisations listed here. Marriage Care does not hold responsibility for any interactions you may have with these organisations.

Relationship Support

See It Differently  Website with resources and a series of videos offering insights into arguments between couples and how they could calm the arguments by “seeing it differently”  

Relate  Offering advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops, mediation, consultations and face-to-face support. Visit the website for resources and signposting to local services.

Tavistock Relationships  Offers relationship, psychosexual and parenting support services either in London face to face or online nationally and internationally. Website offers resources and booking options.

The Spark Provides relationship counselling to couples and individuals in Scotland. 0808 802 2088   9am to 9pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm Friday  

Accord  A voluntary Catholic organisation that aims to promote a deeper understanding of Christian marriage to couples in Ireland. 01 5053112    Enquiry Line  available 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday  

Asian Family Counselling Service Multilingual culturally sensitive counselling for individuals couples and families of the South Asian community . Visit the website for resources and an online referral form

Two in One Flesh Provides Christian resources for married and engaged couples helping understand the Sacrament of Marriage, enriching couples lives together  

Teams of Our Lady – GB  An international Christian movement that works to enrich married spirituality for couples who seek to live their marriages sacramentally, forming teams and helping couples support each other 

Marriage Encounter A worldwide movement, Catholic in origin and ethos, offering couples the opportunity to enrich and refresh their relationships – not for relationships in crisis. 

Retrouvaille A residential weekend programme designed to help heal and renew marriages. 

Debt and Finance

Mental Health and Money Advice  Helping you understand, manage & improve your mental health and money issues (Developed by Mental Health UK)  

Step Change Helping you deal with your debt in a manageable way, providing advice and support.  

Turn 2 Us  Helping people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through partner organisations.  

Salvation Army  A Christian charity providing information and support on a range of issues including homelessness, foodbanks, debt and finance, families and domestic abuse.  

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) National organisation offering services through local churches, providing debt, poverty and budgeting advice including help to find work. 

Citizens Advice Bureau  Providing advice to all on money, family, work, benefits, housing and many other issues.  

Debtors Anonymous  Support if you are having problems with money and debt and think you may be a compulsive debtor  

National Debt Line  A debt advice charity run by the Money Advice trust. Free and confidential debt advice service for people in England, Wales and Scotland. 

Money Helper  Free and impartial help with money, backed by the government.   


Family Support Organisations

Family Lives A confidential helpline service for families in England and Wales (previously known as Parentline). Call 0808 800 2222 for emotional support, information, advice and guidance on any aspect of parenting and family life.  Webchat also available.

OnePlusOne  Website resources and signposting. To help the development of healthy relationships  across the course of life.

Caritas Social Action Network  Offering professional and voluntary assistance to people of all faiths and none, grounded in a Catholic understanding of human dignity and having connections with parish communities. National network with local links for information and support covering issues such as families, homelessness, poverty, addiction, supported housing and older people. 

Coram Family and Childcare Parent-led programmes supporting families to achieve their potential. Focussing on childcare and the early years to make a difference to families’ lives now and in the long term. 

Care for the Family Advice and support with family difficulties including relationships, parenting challenges and living with loss.  Also offering faith in the family support and resources 

Domestic Abuse

Download our Domestic Abuse Crisis and Information Support Links for a list of organisations that specialise in domestic abuse. You can also visit our crisis support page with helpline numbers here

Support for Young People

For children and young people. Childline is a service that’s run by the NSPCC to support every child or young person under 19 in the UK, no problem is too big or small.    0800 1111   24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Webchat also available. Adults – If you’re worried about a child and would like support, you can talk to the NSPCC  

Papyrus – Hopeline UK
For all. Suicide prevention and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people under the age of 35. If you, or a young person you know is not coping with life, get in touch for confidential support and practical advice.  0800 068 4141   9am to midnight,  7 days a week

For Adults. If you have any concerns at all about a child’s safety or wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be an emergency — you might be looking for guidance and support on issues affecting children. 0808 800 5000  10am until 4pm  Monday to Friday


Natural Family Planning and Natural Fertility

There is an increase in environmental awareness nowadays, and with this, a desire to simplify our lives. Maintaining optimum health is a priority for most people and along with this there is also a growth in understanding Natural Fertility.

Below are links to organisations that teach Natural Family Planning / Natural Fertility; sometimes online and where possible face to face 

Billings Life

An NFP organisation, developed in Australia in the 1950’s by Dr Evelyn and Dr John Billings, a married couple, both medical doctors. LIFE – Leaders In Fertility Education. Website resources available for support and download.  

The Natural Family Planning Teachers Association

This organisation started in 1984, by Dr John Kelly who worked with his colleague Dr Anna Flynn, in Birmingham. The Sympto- thermal method is taught. Website resources and contact details available.

The Couple to Couple League in GB

Teaching NFP to couples through online courses or home study. Booking information available along with website resources for download.

Fertility Care Centres Great Britain FCCGB

Providing the public with natural fertility awareness education though the service delivery of the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare System. Website information, resources and online tuition available.

Natural Fertility Support in UK

This organisation is a member of FCCGB providing fertility, miscarriage, NFP and womens health support

Wholly Natural Fertility

Also a member of FCCGB with knowledgeable practitioners who can assist clients wanting to understand the natural cycle or are having difficulties with achieving a pregnancy.


Helpful Apps

Hollie Guard Personal Safety App

Hollie Guard immediately notifies your chosen contacts if you are in danger, sending them your location with a simple tap.

Bright Sky

A free app that gives both national and local support or victims of abuse. You can also use this if you are worried about someone who may be in an abusive situation.


Other useful service sites is a one-stop shop for all kinds of family ministry resources within the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Search here for details of your local diocesan family ministry coordinator (if available).

Net Mums  is a unique local network for parents, offering a wealth of information and details for local resources.

Counselling Directory is an online directory to locate a professional counsellor or psychotherapist near you. The listed professional counsellors and organisations specialise in various types of counselling therapies. The site also provides useful information and articles about the types of distress and therapies available to help you make a more informed decision when choosing a counsellor/therapist. Marriage Care are registered on this directory, view our profile here.