Hands up if you believe that better relationships lead to more stable families and a stronger society?

We need people just like you to help us support couples in your community through the best and worst of times.

We are currently looking for a Team Leader for our Appointments Service which is based in Nottingham and are recruiting Volunteer Counsellors across many centres – please click on the role titles to find out more.

We are all in relationships – whether they be good or bad relationships affect us all. Whether you’ve been blessed in your relationships or have known brokenness, whether you are married or single, you’ll find a warm welcome at Marriage Care.

Inspired by our Catholic heritage, we embrace and uphold the Christian vision of marriage as a vocation of life and love. We believe that preventing couple separation and maintaining an intact family where healthy relationships are the norm is of fundamental importance to the flourishing of family life and society at large.

We’re looking for people who can respect and share in our ethos and values and fulfil a wide variety of roles.  Perhaps you could lead one of our 52 centres, facilitate or coordinate our marriage preparation courses, promote our work, counsel couples in difficulty or simply make a cup of tea?

In return for a little of your time, we’ll give you the training and development you need, help you enjoy being part of a vibrant, professional community, and benefit by knowing you are contributing to a truly worthwhile, life-enhancing cause through which individuals and ultimately society as whole benefits.

We have many different roles across England and Wales.  Find out what would suit you by exploring the options below. You can also check your local centre for current vacancies or e-mail us volunteer@marriagecare.org.uk with any questions.

Broken relationships cause pain and hurt and can lead to loneliness, depression, homelessness, debt and reduced life chances for children. Supporting couple relationships is a matter of social justice. Poor relationships lead to greater inequalities and injustice in our society.

If you, like us, believe that healthy relationships make for better lives then volunteer with us. We also rely heavily on the generosity of our donors. If you are not able to volunteer with us at this time, find out what difference you can make in our donate section.

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Marriage Preparation Facilitation
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