Preparing to Celebrate


With an ‘0’ birthday coming up at Easter the idea of celebrating with family and friends is in mind. We’ll need to think carefully about what we organise; where, what, how, when … and more.

So much more so, we can look at how we celebrate the resurrection at Easter. We’d like to give it special consideration so that it will be the best when we get there.

Our 40 days of Lent have the usual mainstays of Prayer, Penance and Helping Others. Lent is a Springtime when we see new growth coming through and we focus on the growth of our relationship by switching off the distractions.

How can we switch off the distractions to building our married love? … so that we can celebrate new life with our spouse?

· Is our prayer with each other such that we really listen and really speak with heart?

· Is our penance such that we stop that sharp response; we probably heard it wrongly anyway!

· Is our helping others that we engage with those we meet at soul level, are we open to the Holy Spirit and respond with care from our soul …. and leave out our opinion or fixes?

As we see the Lenten growth appear, let us ensure that we nurture the growth of our partner, ourselves and others through really listening to them, to God and others. Then we will feel really ready for that big celebration at Easter.


Annette and Paul O’Beirne

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