Cosy Lockdown Valentine’s Day Ideas


If you have never liked the idea of Valentine’s Day in a packed restaurant with lots of other couples, 2021 is the year for you! Here below are a few ideas to help you make the best of a cosy lockdown Valentine’s Day:

  • Go on a virtual holiday – from the romantic canals of Venice to visiting a stunning Scandinavian ice palace, you can experience a romantic break anywhere in the world from the comfort of your sofa (and for a fraction of the cost!). You could even revisit your honeymoon or favourite romantic holiday destination. Check out Boat International for some ideas.
  • Jar of love: Get an empty jar and some post it notes – write something you are grateful for, or something you love about your partner, on each note and take it in turns to read the messages to each other before popping them into the jar to enjoy throughout the year.
  • Learn something together – for a bit of an alternative Valentine’s experience why not attend an online class together? Pick something that interests you both or that you’ve never done before and make memories!
  • Give your partner a head massage – this is a great way to relax, feel good and connect with your partner, plus its really easy to learn – here are some simple steps if you’re not sure what to do –
  • Dancing lessons – learn some new moves, take an online class in salsa, swing, ballroom – whatever takes your fancy! Impress your partner with your new moves (or enjoy a good laugh together!)
  • Write a poem or love letter – it may sound cheesy, but you can make this as romantic or humorous as you like.
  • Get crafty – why not make each other cards this year instead of scouring the supermarket or online options? Say exactly what you want to say, and your partner will love the effort you’ve made and the spent time together.
  • Star gazing – you can’t get more romantic than cosying up to each other and watching the stars – and with virtual star gazing experiences now available you don’t need to worry about cloudy skies or freezing weather conditions!
  • Games night – if board games, quizzes and challenges are your thing, there are now more options online than ever before if you’ve exhausted your games cupboard during lockdown!
  • Disco night – turn your lounge into a dance floor and set up a play list of your favourite tunes – don’t forget the slow song at the end!

Whatever your plans are, we hope that 2021 brings you closer together and that you make some great memories during this challenging season.

Credit to and for ideas and inspiration.