Preparing Together Anywhere Courses (via zoom)

Welcome to our online booking page for Preparing Together Anywhere. You are starting on an exciting journey together and we hope that our webcam facilitated course will help you lay strong foundations for your life together.

Available courses are shown below with the dates and times of the sessions. The course is delivered via zoom so the location simply refers to the location of the course facilitators. Select the course that best suits your needs although we would encourage you to plan at least six months ahead if possible.

Please ensure you are both available for all dates and times before completing your booking – you will only be able to access a certificate of attendance if you both attend all sessions.

Can’t find a course to suit you ?  Search and book for one of our In Person Preparing Together Courses . 

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Marriage Care is a registered charity and all our services are delivered by trained volunteers committed to giving you the best possible start for your married life. We charge a fixed fee for our marriage preparation courses that contributes to the costs incurred, the resources you are given and the behind the scenes facilitator training and preparation. The price you will need to pay is indicated as part of the online booking process. If you are facing financial difficulties and might struggle to pay the fee proposed you can email us to explore alternative arrangements. We’re here to support you.

  • Please be aware that you will need to be over 18 to access our services
  • If you have babies or children, please bear in mind that they cannot be present for any Marriage Preparation sessions, even via Zoom. Please contact the Appointments Service at for support


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  • BOOK HERE if your wedding will take place next year (in 2023)

    By booking this option you will be given priority when we have more courses to offer, closer to your wedding date.

  • Course Fully Booked

    16/07/2022 - Devon and Cornwall

    This PT Anywhere course will take place over 3 sessions on Saturdays (16/07/2022, 23/07/2022 and 30/07/2022)
    starting at 09:45 till 11:30

  • Course Fully Booked

    26/07/2022 - Newmarket

    This PT Anywhere course will take place over 3 sessions on Tuesdays (26/07/2022, 02/08/2022 and 09/08/2022)
    starting at 19:30 till 21:15

  • Course Fully Booked

    04/10/2022 - Nottingham

    This PT Anywhere course will take place over 3 sessions on Tuesdays (04/10/2022, 11/10/2022 and 18/10/2022)
    starting at 19:30 till 21:15