What are the three magic words you should say this Valentines Day?


Joy Wanlass (volunteer at Manchester centre) was invited to share at the Salford Blessing for Engaged couples last weekend along with her husband Mike. They shared what they had learnt during their 40 years of marriage with couples present and reminded them of the importance of spending time together.

This Valentines Day Joy and Mike share their story, and the three magic words to help your relationship…

Mike and I met aged 17 and 16.  Our relationship survived us going to different universities.  I vividly remember praying passionately that we would stay strong together.  God answers prayer.  In Mike’s words, ’40 blissfully wonderful years’(!). The fruits of our relationship are five delightful daughters and currently four gorgeous grandchildren.  God granted us patience, love and hope. Mike is a dentist and has provided for our family enabling me to train as a Psychotherapist and work with Marriage Care as a volunteer for 38 years.  The abundant blessings gained from working with Marriage Care are a constant source of inspiration, strength and support.  Mike might add challenge too!
Our Priest asked us to try out Marriage Care for him so we attended Marriage Preparation.  We not only learned how to strengthen our relationship but also made good friends.  Ged and Mary Evans were our facilitators.  Mary has sadly died but Ged came to our 25th wedding anniversary celebration and our 40th.
Mike’s gift to me for our Silver wedding was to attend the Alpha Marriage Course.  We are still offering the Marriage Course having now celebrated our own Ruby wedding.  My gift to Mike?   Lots more support and… challenge.  If you think that Mike is patient and long-suffering, he agrees with you!

His advice to anyone to survive marriage is three magic words.  Perhaps you are expecting I love you?  Not so, he says, ‘You are right’ are the three magic words.  Works both ways!

Read more: https://www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/blessing-for-engaged-couples/