Wednesday – spend time with other couple friends talking about relationships.


It is easy to think that we are the only people in the world who find some aspect of our relationship difficult. It might be setting boundaries for our children, how to resolve issues where we have a very different point of view or making time for each other in our busy lives. Friends who don’t take sides but listen and offer suggestions are worth their weight in gold. The reality is that there are very few, if any, couples who don’t ever find there are some difficult times in their marriages.

Some tips:

  • Choose the friends carefully. You need to be able to trust that what you talk about stays between you.
  • Agree with your partner in advance that you will not blame each other for the problem – it belongs to both of you!
  • Be open to a new perspective from your friends about your concerns
  • Be prepared to consider seriously any ideas that come up

Finally – assure your friends that you are there for them too!