We Are The Alliance Of Catholic Marriage Organisations Greeting You In The New Year 2024


We hope your Christmas was a blessed time among family and friends for you.

We pray that you’ve started the New Year with hope in your hearts.

The organisations of the alliance are committed to supporting every marriage, whatever their needs may be. When we married, we saw the spark of light in our partner; an inspiration that we did not comprehend. We made our vow to love and cherish; ie to enable us to grow in understanding of the other.  This needs talking and listening; a willingness to learn and to change ourselves; to enable love, joy and peace to grow.

Christmas is said to be the time of peace and joy; it can start in families, with couples setting the example.  From there it spreads to neighbours, communities and beyond, it has to always be from our hearts.  Beginning with us, let’s commit to a heart to heart experience. Let’s sit down, light a candle and talk about what we as a couple would want for OUR ‘new year resolutions’.

There are some tools for “heart to heart” conversations; a little help goes a long way.  See the website www.acmo.org.uk for contacting Marriage Care, Retrouvaille, Marriage Encounter and Teams.  Ask your parish priest to include the weekly Marriage Matters reflection for couples in the newsletter each Sunday; for conversations that help us grow closer.