In the weeks after Easter Jesus says: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’, that’s a pretty good signpost to follow.

  • We know your WAY Jesus: To love unconditionally.
  • We know your TRUTH Jesus: To forgive unconditionally;
  • then we can live your LIFE, Jesus.

How can I best love you, my spouse, today?

How/when can we make/take the time to sit down to really listen to each other? It doesn’t have to always be a full on date night. St Paul exhorts us to place our thoughts on heavenly things, but does he know that our money is tight, our time is sparse, that sometimes we are totally overwhelmed? Jesus certainly does. When we listen to each other and listen to Him, the mist can clear, the light can get in and as we journey towards Pentecost we can start to see things anew. Maybe my worries or fears make our problems seem much bigger than they really are. Trust in Him. He literally poured out His life on the cross, illustrating nothing can separate us from His love. How do we live that call in our own lives?

Turn around, Refocus, Unwind, Start again, Trust:

Trust, surrender, believe, and receive from each other, through the grace of God. If Peter did a full turn, following Jesus to the end, how can we start again on our own journey? How can we rise up above the messiness and say ‘I love you more than anything there is in my world’? There is always another way, we can always be bigger than our difficulties.

Reach out in love to each other and spread the Good News – HE HAS RISEN.



Brian and Maureen Devine


Two in One Flesh (