Thursday  – Time to make love


Family commitments and feeling tired often relegate any time spent as a couple making love together to the bottom of our ‘to do’ list. Also our expectations around sex and the thought that everyone else must be having more and better sex than we are can lead us to avoid it altogether.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Marriage Care, Relate and Relationships Scotland[1] asked 6,000 adults about their sex lives. The poll found that 45% of us said we were fairly satisfied or very satisfied with our sex lives. However that leaves more than half of us wanting something more. 51% said they had not had sex at all in the last month.

Sometimes we all would benefit from sprucing up our love lives and the following are some simple tips anyone can try.

  • Plan intimate time together, although many of us say we want spontaneous sex, this isn’t always possible due to the busy nature of our modern lives.
  • Remember sex doesn’t always have to mean intercourse. If you are very busy or tired following a long day, an intimate cuddle or relaxing bath or shower together can help you to feel close and remind you of the connection you share.
  • Have fun together, have a pillow fight, arm wrestle in your underwear or play a game of strip poker or snap.