The Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations – Stages in a Relationship; ‘Growing Closer to God’


Growing Closer to God through Marriage

Married Couples in today’s busy world are challenged to make space for the spiritual side of life. When closed off to the spirit within, we usually find ourselves drawn by our physical selves, responding to and sometimes even obsessed by the demands of our worldly responsibilities. Our physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual needs compete for our attention.

Over indulgence in worldly needs can cause us to lose our sense of balance, lose touch with our spiritual beings. In contrast, if we progress towards God in our journey together we grow in spirituality and find ourselves drawn to the Spirit of Jesus. As William of St. Thierry, said: “When you watch Christ with the heart, beyond words, you become like him almost without knowing it.”

Jesus on the Cross is our perfect role model. He teaches us how Love is total emptying of oneself for the other, as He did for each of us. He showed us the Way, by his self-emptying, his humility, his humanity, his vulnerability. In these short few hours through his actions and with very few words he showed us ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ (Jn 14:6)

Marriage is recognised as the only Community based on a Sacrament, where the spouses are the ministers of Grace to each other. Such a community of love gives the couple an environment to develop a loving relationship built on their common vision, where shared values of intimacy, of mutual respect and reciprocity strive for unity. This inspires a spirit of giving, of forgiving and of hospitality.

As well as our role model, Jesus is present in a unique way whenever husband and wife share their vision together, support each other on the journey, carry out their mutual promises, serve one another, forgive each other, make love together, or reach out to others.

Through such spiritual awareness and growth the couple reach out to each other in a Spiritled-way with the intimacy, patience and tenderness that comes through their relationship with God, helping them grow closer to Him, together.


This blog was written by Piotr & Dzidzia Chodzko-Zajko from Teams who make up part of the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations