The Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations Saying ‘I do’ every day


“A couple … can love one another and live as one until death do them part, enjoying an enriching intimacy. The love they pledge is greater than any emotion, feeling or state of mind, although it may include all of these. It is a deeper love, a lifelong decision of the heart. Even amid unresolved conflicts and confused emotional situations, they daily reaffirm their decision to love, to belong to one another, to share their lives and to continue loving and forgiving. Each progresses along the path of personal growth and development. On this journey, love rejoices at every step and in every new stage.”

  • 163, Amoris Lætitia, Pope Francis, 2016

As we prepare this blog we have been conscious of the passing of HRH Prince Philip and the lifelong commitment the Queen and he have had. With a life lived fully in the public eye their relationship has been under great scrutiny and pressure. Yet they remained committed to each other for over seventy-three years of marriage.

Like all marriages they must have had arguments, indecision, hurt and lonely times. We are sure though they must have made a conscious decision to love one another daily. How else could they have remained so clearly devoted to each other?

As a couple they were always a visible sign of their Christian faith. Even on official public engagement the Duke always showed tenderness to his wife the Queen, and she reciprocated. It has been often said that the Queen leaned on the Duke in all matters, and to do so they must have maintained a constant dialogue of feelings and thoughts.

Marriage Week this month takes the theme of “Naked Marriage.” After a year of cancelled events, take time to celebrate your relationship, your commitment  to each other. Take a moment to renew your commitment to your spouse saying “I do” today and every day.

This blog was written by Mark & Sue Stubbings from Worldwide Marriage Encounter England & Wales Leadership who are also part of the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations.

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