Kit Dollard

KD web bio

Kit Dollard took over as Chair of the Board of Marriage Care in September 2014, following careers in the army, the city, property and the church; he is also the Founder of Christian Community Resources – a charity that promotes adult learning in England.

Kit is presently a member of the Spirituality Committee of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales as well as a member of the Middlesbrough Diocese Bishop’s Councils for Liturgy and Evangelisation and Adult Formation.   He has also worked for the Pastoral Services Team at Ampleforth Abbey, providing retreats and counselling.

Kit’s special interests are leadership, ecclesiology and psychology as well as the building and sustaining of relationships.  He has a Diploma in advertising and an MA in Theology from Durham University.

He is co-author of “Doing Business with Benedict”, published in 2002 by Continuum.

Kit is married with five children and three grandchildren.

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