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For general media enquiries, please contact Mark Molden:

Our spokespeople include:

Mark Molden

Appointed as Chief Executive in January 2013, Mark brings to Marriage Care a wealth of experience from the commercial, public and voluntary sectors, having worked extensively in the education, social care, family and relationship support arenas. The value and significance of healthy relationships has been a consistent theme in Mark’s work and he is passionate about helping to build healthy, lasting couple relationships.  Read more…

Jenny Porter


Bridie Collins

BC web bio

Bridie Collins joined Marriage Care in 1996 as a volunteer counsellor, subsequently qualifying as a supervisor and tutor of both counsellors and marriage preparation course facilitators.  She is passionate about helping couples who are struggling in their relationships, having witnessed the pain and disruption of marriage breakdown amongst close family and friends.  Read more…

Jean Marsh

JM web bio

Jean Marsh joined Marriage Care in 1980 following a career in education, which included working as a Principal of a Catholic school in Liverpool. A highly experienced counsellor and supervisor, she is an integral part of the Marriage Care Team.  Read more…


Marriage Care is the largest single provider of face-to-face couple relationship education (marriage preparation) services in the UK, working through its 53 Centres and 800 professionally trained and accredited volunteers. It provides marriage and relationship information, education and counselling support to thousands of people each year and has been doing so for just over 70 years. During 2013/14, over 71,500 people accessed information about marriage and relationships from Marriage Care. In the same period 7,600 clients took part in 9,716 sessions of marriage preparation or relationship counselling across England and Wales, whilst 60,714 people accessed the charity’s web and social media resources. During 2013-2015 Marriage Care was commissioned by the Department of Education to lead and deliver a £1.6m contract focused on universal preventative support services, reaching 234,000 people with an integrated programme of support to help prevent breakdown in couple relationships.

Marriage Care has three brochures available for background information:

Better relationships, better lives – This brochure explains who we are, why our work is important, what we do, who we help, where we can be found, our volunteers and practitioners, our values and how we are funded.

Getting married? – A brochure for couples about to enter marriage, providing an explanation of our marriage preparation services.

Happy? – This brochure describes our relationship counselling service and answers the main questions couples ask when considering this step to help them through difficulties in their relationship.

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