Marriage Care and I: Hilary’s Legacy Story


Hilary – My Life, My Legacy

I, Hilary*, am a long-standing, active member of the Marriage Care community. It all began when I was asked by neighbours to support Marriage Care. Throughout the many years at Marriage Care, I have taken on various roles… nearly every role going in fact. Starting my Marriage Care ‘career’ as a counsellor, I am highly appreciative of the skills and experiences gained during my time with Marriage Care and wanted to give something back in return.

Alongside the skills and experiences that helped progress my career, I also hold an appreciation of the positive affect Marriage Care had on my personal life. Being part of Marriage Care enabled me to learn more about myself and my own marriage; in order to live a more fulfilling life within a stronger and healthier marriage. So, to give something back to Marriage Care, I decided to leave them a gift in my Will. After ensuring all my children and grandchildren are supported, I have left a percentage of the remaining estate to Marriage Care – as a thank you for the experiences it has provided.

I have been supporting many charities with time and money for many years, so I believe this is my way to continue doing this after I am no longer here to give. It makes me feel really good about myself; supporting the hard work of causes trying to achieve the greater good. I know, by leaving a gift in my Will, I will continue to have a positive impact of the lives of thousands of people for years to come. I also truly believe my family are supportive and proud of my decision, because leaving a gift to Marriage Care is something that makes me feel gratified and happy.

Please take a moment to consider whether leaving a legacy to Marriage Care is the right thing for you and your family? Perhaps you have already included Marriage Care in your Will and haven’t let them know? Either way, you can contact to talk about this further.

My legacy will positively impact many generations to come. Will you leave yours, too?

Thank you.



*Hilary requested for their identity to be kept anonymous.