Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations – The Road of Emmaus


The story of the Road to Emmaus is full of emotions and feelings – shock, disappointment, excitement, and joy, to name but a few. It is amazing to think that what, at first glance, for Cleophas and his unnamed friend, was a walk and a meal with a fellow traveller was, in fact, so much more. They experienced the deep, intimate sharing of memories of a loved one, something which changes your world and brings that person back to life in your hearts and minds. Amongst many things, the story of the Road to Emmaus reminds us of the value of sharing our lives with others and how much we can grow and learn from this accompaniment.

Some biblical scholars think that the two people on the Road to Emmaus were a married couple. We will never know if this is true or not, but just stop for a moment and ask yourself how you would feel if Jesus were to walk alongside you and your spouse? As the three of you walk along, and you and your spouse talk about what is going on in your lives and your feelings at that time – including the highs and lows – how amazing would it be for this ‘stranger’ to suddenly start opening your hearts by his words and to begin to connect the dots for you and reveal God’s plan for you.

Take some time with your spouse to share all that is going on in both of you – highs and lows. Take time to celebrate and take time to be present and hold one another in your difficulties. Then pray together and ask God to walk alongside you and shine his resurrection light into your marriage. May your hearts burn with the warmth of Christ’s love for you.

This post was written by Caroline and Michael L’Estrange, Co-ordinators for Retrouvaille England and Wales. Retrouvaille are part of the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations. For more information on the Alliance please visit: