Bonfire Night is upon us

Bonfire Night is upon us, and soon spectacular fireworks displays will light up our cities, towns and villages. This night, halfway through the autumn, has us at Marriage Care thinking about relationships in this context. As the days grow shorter, our stresses can become greater, we struggle to fit more into the day and into the year. Our fuses can grow shorter still, and the stress of daily living takes its toll on us. The warmth of summer seems a long way away as darkness and the autumn chill sets in.

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Support for Families: Daily Telegraph Letter

In a letter published by the Daily Telegraph, Mark Molden, Chief Executive of Marriage Care, was one of 72 signatories that have called for the government to treble funding for relationship support.

Relationship breakdown is estimated to cost the state £47 billion, but only £7.5 million has been made available for services working towards prevention. This investment is vital in supporting stronger, more fulfilling, and healthy relationships, which form the basis of a strong and stable society, and improve mental and physical health, aswell as improving children’s life chances. However, there has been an ever increasing demand for this support, and with family breakdown and instability causing such devastating effects, the letter has called for this funding to be trebled in order to deal with the huge demand for services.

The letter was signed by a range of politicians from across the political spectrum, including Fiona Bruce MP, Jon Cruddas MP, Caroline Ansell MP, and Graham Allen MP. It was also signed by a range of influential professionals and experts from across the relationship support sector, aswell as our partners from the Relationships Alliance including Relate, OnePlusOne, and Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships.

To read the letter in full, and to see all of its signatories, you can view it online at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/letters/11869797/Relationship-breakdown-family-stability-is-vital-for-a-thriving-society.html

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The Way We are Now: by Relate, Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland

This annual study of more than 6,000 people in the UK, is published on Tuesday 1st Sept by Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care provides a window into some of the most important and personal areas of our lives – from couple relationships and family life to sex, friendships and how we feel about work relationships.

Mark Molden, Chief Executive of Marriage Care, said: “This research reminds us of an important truism, relationships matter to us and affect every aspect of our lives”

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Is Love all you need: the case for adult relationship education

Is love all you need – yes but you can learn to play the game!

In an essay included in Relate’s newly published collection of essays exploring ideas for putting relationships at the heart of policy ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ , Mark Molden, Mark Molden, Chief Executive of Marriage Care, argues the case for adult relationship education

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Mark Molden speaks on Relationship Education in Parliament

In Westminster this week, Mark Molden spoke of the importance of relationship education particularly marriage preparation to MPs and Lords…

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Relationships Alliance manifesto launch in Parliament

Leading relationship charities are calling on all political parties to put good-quality couple, family and social relationships centre stage in policy making in the run up to the General Election.

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Marriage Care; equipping ourselves for the future

Marriage Care has recently appointed several new trustees who bring new skills and experience to take Marriage Care forward in its mission to strengthen and support marriage and relationships.

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Marriage Care publishes Toolkit on Evaluation on behalf of the Relationships Alliance

On behalf of the Relationships Alliance, Marriage Care published today a toolkit on evaluation to help local relationship support providers understand the importance of evaluating the services they deliver, to demonstrate effectiveness to funders, policy makers, clients and for the improvement of services.

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Together with Marriage Care celebrating partnerships

200 Marriage Care volunteers and special guests came together for 24 hours to share our passion for marriage preparation and relationship counselling and to celebrate the difference Marriage Care has made to people’s lives and the partnerships that have enabled us to do this.

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Marriage Care pleased to welcome David Cameron to the Relationships Alliance Summit 2014

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements today regarding the Government’s policies on families and relationships, David Cameron appeared on stage at the Relationships Alliance Summit to reinforce his messages on the importance of helping families stay together.

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Marriage Care welcomes IPPR’s recognition that families need help to maintain strong relationships

Marriage Care welcomes IPPR’s proposals to address barriers to access relationship support and education, to encourage commitment and their suggestions of ways to encourage people to take part in marriage preparation or to seek relationship counselling.  This shows that supporting relationships is a cross-party issue and of interest to policy makers across the political spectrum.

MC’s response to IPPR Condition of Britain report

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Marriage Care publishes Toolkit on Commissioning on behalf of the Relationships Alliance

The Relationships Alliance published today a toolkit to help local relationship support managers respond to the reforms in public services.

Read Marriage Care’s full press release Relationship Alliance toolkit on Commissioning here.

The Toolkit is available for download here.


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Nearly 90% of couples find marriage preparation useful, so why do 75% of them dread going? Asks Marriage Care

Marriage Care is encouraging engaged couples to rethink their attitude to marriage preparation following the release today of new research, commissioned by the Department for Education, that highlights its benefits.

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Marriage Care congratulates their President, Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Pope Francis announced the names of 11 new cardinals on Sunday 12 January including Marriage Care’s president, Archbishop Vincent Nichols. He is the 11th Archbishop of Westminster to be made a Cardinal.

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Terry Prendergast former Chief Executive gets OBE in New Year’s Honours List

Terry Prendergast, Chief Executive of Marriage Care for 12 years before retiring at Easter 2013, was given an OBE for services to families.

Read the full press release here…

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Charities and parliamentarians join forces to put relationships at the forefront of economic recovery

Leading relationships charities have joined forces to create an alliance which aims to put strong and stable relationships at the heart of a thriving society.

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Marriage Care publishes Toolkit on NHS Reforms on behalf of the Relationships Alliance

The Relationships Alliance published today a toolkit to help local relationship support managers, relationship educators and counsellors understand the changes in the NHS

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Train in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples

Four day externship with Gail Palmer

28 November – 1 December 2013

Only 10 external places available.

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Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day people make an extra effort to express their love to those they share their life with. But it’s no secret that life together can be a bumpy road and it can be hard to keep the flame of romance alive.

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Marriage Care supports Marriage Week UK

Marriage Care is pleased once again to support Marriage Week UK – a celebration of the commitment of married life. It begins on 7 February and culminates on Valentine’s Day.

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Marriage Care announces new Chief Executive

Marriage Care appoints Mark Molden as new Chief Executive.

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