I was delighted to be selected for training, though a little worried about whether I would be OK. Six years on, I am now thinking of training as a supervisor. I have found the work tough at times, but thoroughly rewarding, seeing couples and individuals in deep distress or fear gradually coming through this. It has been an education for me, and a privilege. (Susan)

Initial Training Certificate – Relationship Counsellor

Marriage Care is planning to run an ”Initial Training Certificate” where we will be able to recruit and train those who do not necessarily have a counselling qualification, enabling them to volunteer with us once qualified through our ITC.

We are in the planning stage of this new route and recruitment criteria have not as yet been decided but it is likely that we will be looking for candidates with some sort of experience in a listening/caring role -whether that be through work or volunteering.

We will open recruitment for this route in September 2021 and plan to run the course in 2023.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information in due course please let Rachael O’Brien: rachaelO@marriagecare.org.uk know.

Placements at Marriage Care

Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, Marriage Care is unable to offer counselling placements to students on external courses. The BACP has a placement data base (for BACP student members only) which might be helpful. We would most warmly welcome an application from you when you have completed your studies and delivered at least 100 hours supervised counselling.


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