Bonfire Night is upon us


Bonfire Night is upon us, and soon spectacular fireworks displays will light up our cities, towns and villages. This night, halfway through the autumn, has us at Marriage Care thinking about relationships in this context. As the days grow shorter, our stresses can become greater, we struggle to fit more into the day and into the year. Our fuses can grow shorter still, and the stress of daily living takes its toll on us. The warmth of summer seems a long way away as darkness and the autumn chill sets in.

Our relationships are often likened to fires. At the beginning many people speak of ‘fireworks’ which can ignite a relationship. In time, as we get to know each other better, conflicts can rise to the surface, leading to blazes, eruptions, and the wrong kind of ‘sparks’ flying between us. Some explosions can cause lasting and irreparable damage to our relationships as the love fizzles out and becomes nothing but a memory, leaving us feeling cold and alone.

The good news is that these explosions can be controlled and even prevented by seeking help early. Talking openly and honestly to each other about our needs and concerns helps to build trust and respect. Being prepared to forgive each other is important as none of us is perfect. Seeking help through counseling can help diffuse tensions before they get out of hand. Overcoming conflict together is a sure-fire way for couples to grow closer together. Marriage Care is there to help you with that, to make this time of year an opportunity for nurturing greater intimacy.

There is every reason to celebrate our relationships and the hard work that goes into them – with or without a fireworks display!