At Marriage Care we never turn anyone away. We give relationship help where it’s needed, regardless of ability to pay for our services. But we need your help to be able to do that.

You can help us help others by making a donation, by volunteering or by becoming a Friend of Marriage Care.

Help us by donating
– making a regular donation by direct debit – that’s the best way, as it means we can plan ahead. Giving £10 a month can quickly add up to a lot of help for couples who desperately need support

– giving a one-off amount – it costs £50 to provide a monthly supervision session for a counsellor. Your gift, modest or large, could cover or contribute to providing supervision that ensures the quality of our counselling service

– a big gift – £2500 could sponsor the training of a counsellor, fund a vital initiative or help us develop educational materials. We will work with you to identify an area of activity or initiative that reflects your interests

– remembering us in your will – by leaving a gift in your will you will enable us to extend our educational and marriage preparation initiatives to more people to prevent relationship breakdown, and make counselling available to more couples in distress and difficulty

– giving in memory of a loved one, friend or family member will help us develop new initiatives that inspire and enable strong, healthy relationships that are the foundation of fulfilling family lives and a stable society

– giving in celebration – if you have a special occasion coming up, perhaps a wedding, a special anniversary or renewal of your relationship commitment, you can share your happiness with others by making a gift to Marriage Care

Make a regular donation
The best way for you to help us help others is by making a regular gift by direct debit. This enables us to plan ahead and saves administration costs. Your money, however modest or large an amount, will go towards helping people who are unable to contribute fully to the cost of the services they receive and towards enabling more people to access our services

£10 a month will help us provide a counselling session to someone in distress

£5 a month will enable us provide information to help people help themselves

Help Marriage Care make a difference